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Infection with Helicobacter pylori Strains Possessing cagA Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Developing Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach
Martin J. Blaser, Guillermo I. Perez-Perez, HarryKleanthous, et al. Cancer Res 1995;55:2111-2115.

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(CANCER RESEARCH 55. 2111-2115.

May 15. 1995]

Infection with Helicobacter pylori Strains Possessing cagA Is Associated with anIncreased Risk of Developing Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach1
Martin J. Blaser,2 Guillermo I. Perez-Perez, Grant N. Stemmermann, Harry Kleanthous, Timothy L. Cover, Richard M. Peek, P. H. Chyou, andAbraham Nomura

Departments of Medicine ¡M.J. B., G. I. P-P., T. L. C.. R. M. P.I and Microbiology and Immunology fM. J. B.¡,Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee 37232;Medical Sen-ice, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Nashville, Tennessee 37212 ¡M.J. B., T. L CJ: OraVax, Inc.. Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 ¡H.K.I; and Japan-Hawaii Cancer Study,Honolulu, Hawaii 96X17 ¡P.H. C., G. N. S., A. N.¡

To determine whether infection with a Helicobacter pylori strain pos sessing cagA is associated with an increased risk of development ofadenocarcinoma of the stomach, we used a nested case-control study based on a cohort of 5443 Japanese-American men in Oahu, Hawaii, who had a physical examination and a phlebotomy during 1967 to 1970....
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