Two and half men

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Two and a Half Men is an American television serie created by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, which was awarded on September 22, 2003.
Charlie (Charlie Sheen) is a successful composer of jingles thatbesides living in a beautiful house on the beach, has the greatest "gift" with women, almost a Don Juan. But his lifestyle is threatened when his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T.Jones) "invade" his home in the middle of the night.
Alan is experiencing a terrible family problem, has just been kicked out of his home by Judith (Marin Hinkle), his ex-wife, which uses an apology"lame" to end the marriage, but in fact she thinks he might be a gay. The host does not believe that the situation of their guests is fleeting and even against their will, with the promise that the twogo away as soon as possible, he relents to the appeals of his brother and gives them a shelter.
To make things worse, Charlie is still suffering "attacks" of "Silly" Rose, his ex-wife. Time passesand Charlie becomes attached to his nephew, a good and "cool" boy. Taken by his feelings, Charlie asks Alan and Jake to stay in his home.
On January 15, 2011 in his eighth season, he has suspendedproduction recordings of some episodes with Charlie Sheen because of his addiction. On February 24 the same year, Warner Bros. and entrepreneur Sheen, Stan Rosenfield, said that filming with the return ofthe actor. Over the next day on February 25 Charlie made offensive statements to the production of the program, the show still went on for another month. On March 7, 2011, Charlie Sheen was firedagain after offending the directors of the series. On May 13, Warner Bros announces the hiring of Ashton Kutcher for the series.
With a new storyline, the series is replaced Walden Schmidt (AshtonKutcher), an internet billionaire who purchased the former home of Charlie Harper. With nowhere to go, Alan asks Walden to let him spend a few days in his new home, and he lets them stay. The serie has...
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