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If the cost of her acceptance is your integrity, Ayn Rand would have called it "sanction of the victim" - General Love.

There's a new "sheriff in town. He is tired of seeing his boys getting their hearts shot up - Unlce Jethro Love.

No. 2 Rule: Never try to keep someone who does not want to keep you - Doc Love.

It's simply amazing what a man will put up with, or go through,to gain a woman's acceptance. In their search for the answer, men are constantly asking themselves, "Can I do this, or can I do that without turning her off ? Can I say this, or can I say that, so she will accept me ?" Even Attila the Hun, the first left-wing extremist, wanted to be accepted by a woman!
If a man knew what a woman wanted, he would be overjoyed to give "it" to her. What manwouldn't ?

But how is he to know, or find out - or does "it" even exist?

(Tom, the protagonist in this book, is an excave man who only thinks of sex and sports, and eating off paper plates. Caprice, whose legs go from the floor to her neck, will play the tormentor in all of the Dating Dictionary's "war stories." She is selfish and only helps the relationship if she makes out - unless, of course,she has high Interest Level (see Truth Triangle) in Tom, then it is his turn.)

Tom knows (instinctively, for once)that he can say or do anything, around his best buddy and his ever-loyal pooch, Fido; he even knows they will love it. He knows that when he makes a fool of himself they will never hold it against him. In fact, no matter what he does, it will never come back to haunt him. Yes, yourbest friend and Fido really do practice "unconditional love." And they are the only ones who do.

Tom also knows he can't say nor do anything around either Caprice nor her feline, Pussycat! Why? Simple:It's due to the pain and the scratches he has endured. Yes, Women and cats really do have different needs than men and Fido-but what are they?

Is there a method to this madness? Is there a wayto get a woman to see you on Mount Rushmore smiling next to Lincoln? Are there undiscovered facts of reality that no one can else explain? Is there a "tried and true" set of rules that will make her accept you?
And even more: make her want to make you the love of her life - forever?

My job is to coach you and show you how she plays the love game, and what she really romantically responds to.Do what I say, and she will want to keep you around for a very long time. I am even going to tell you how to spot a good one from a bad one. But if you like repeating your mistakes from woman to woman, or you would rather listen to your overblown ego, or you are a quitter and will settle for second best, read no more.(I get back one in 200 - you really don't want to be one of those, do you?)

Iwill be your drill instructor because The "System" is hard to do. I will be your coach in the boxing ring of love - so you can get off the ropes! Why? Because for one reason or another, you have never been told the facts of the love game - or even worse, you have been brainwashed to treat women a way that has only compounded your problem. The Reality Factor says that women in love neither confusenor reject men.

Everyone forgot to tell you that until a woman stops playing head games, and throws in the towel, you have to convince her that you are the greatest thing since popcorn. (Even better: How about her jumping through hoops for once?)

Doc Love is on a mission from God to save the American male's heart from further destruction. I want to make sure Miss Right accepts him, loves him,and keeps him. Why? Because divorce lawyers should be made homeless. It's time for men to come out of the dark ages, and take control of their lives.

Before we start, I need something of outmost importance; I need your commitment. Without that, I don't want you on this love campaign. Until she decides you are Mr Right, this is a war of the hearts, and I don't want anyone aboard who isn't...
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