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  • Publicado : 10 de outubro de 2012
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L'oréal Paris approches their promotion all over the world using impersonal channels trought the mass midia, TV commercials, videos on Youtube, pages on Facebook,sponsoring events like the “Vanity Fair Hollywood”, creating promotion such as the “Running Club” which is a place dedicated to the maintenance of your body with a specializedmen's expert coach, focused on mental commitment to reach a real cohesion between the body and mind, the “X-TREME Adventure” by participating in their quiz on their Facebookpage, with chances to go to a trip for four to Barcelona, among others, reaching the consumers with their advertising messages.
Comparing L'oréal Paris women and men, it iseasily seen that the women departament have more promotion channels than the men departament due to the quantity of products and because L'oréal is known for being women brandcosmetics more than being men cosmetics.
For men's shaving, L'oréal Paris approches their publicity by having the brand website, a page on Facebook mainly for men'sgrooming/shaving where you can find the products you want and comments from other users about it. You can also share on your wall the products, services or photos you like, uploading videoson Youtube that can be considered viral videos, which is a strategy of marketing.
They use famous people as role model to do their commercials, such as Gerard Butler andPatrick Dempsey, this fact can created an influence when buying a product. They also give cupons as they call "special offers", so the costumers can buy the products for less or canbuy combined products which makes one half price or the two with special price.


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