Pesquisa de clima organizacional

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  • Publicado : 14 de outubro de 2012
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The economics’ transformations and new technologies affect directly the organization’s operation, demanding strategies for adaptation to the market, implying in new administration models.Thus, new relationship forms occur between collaborators and the company where the focus is into the competence and the collaborator's performance.
Now the organizations have in collaborators thecompetitive differential with engaged and committed people being attentive to internal atmosphere and the relationships as one of the success factors, looking by favorable atmospheres to the developmentof potentialities.
This way, it is important that the organizations research and use strategies of evaluation and the collaborators' satisfaction. The climate’s research is like as administrationstrategy that seeks to identify the positive and negative aspects presents into organization in order to propose interventions seeking improvement of operation.

Key Words: Research of theClimate, Organizational Management, Management of People

The happened transformations of the globalization of the economy and new technologies directly affect the functioning of the organizations,demanding strategies for adaptation to the market, implying in new models of management. With this new forms of relation between collaborators occur and the company where the focus is in the ability andperformance of the collaborator.
Currently the organizations have in its collaborators the competitive differential with people engaged and compromised being intent to the internal environment and therelations as one of the factors of success, searching surrounding favorable for the development of potentialities.
Of this form it is important that the organizations search and use tools ofevaluation of the satisfaction of its collaborators. Thus the research of the climate is configured while management strategy that it aims at to identify to the positive aspects and negative gifts in the...
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