Jews in nazi german

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Workers and Work in Nazi German – Page 15
A. Architectures, engineers, painters, masons, people to clean the area, people to carry the loads in and out, people to make the material, peopleto take care of the traffic, transportation of material, people to create signs.

B. From January 1933 to January 1934. It was between these years that they started taking away the jobsfrom the Jews and woman, and not recording in the unemployment records. And there was also the military, which did not count its member as unemployed.

From January 1935 to January 1936. In36, the average worker was receiving 35 marks per week, which was ten times more than the dole money people received in 32. Also, the attack on unemployment started on 33-34. These kinds ofprocesses usually start slowly, takes a couple of years to level. In 1935-36, the program was leveled out, diminishing the fall in unemployment.

C. Before Hitler came to power in 1933,6,014,000 Germans were unemployed. By 1939 only 302,000 were out of work. This means that Hitler created 295, 968 jobs in seven years.

Many of the jobs that Hitler provided were taken away fromJews and from women, so he wasn’t actually creating new jobs.
There were disadvantages in many of the jobs that Hitler created. Men in the RAD were not paid wages: they got only pocket moneyand free meals. Workers in factories were not allowed to belong to ___?___. _____?______ of the unemployed joined the army to do compulsory military service. Although their names were removedfrom the unemployment registers, these men did not have jobs.

“History will judge us according to whether we have succeeded in providing work”. Hitler was absolutely wrong when he said this.Hitler was corrupt by taking the jobs away from Jews and Women and giving it only to pure blood German men. Instead of benefiting society in making everyone equal, he was diminishing people.”
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