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Due to the number of wars and the terrorism and crises during Hitler’s govern, the population of Germany began to feel opposed to this nationalist view as once compared to their support one decade before. 1939’s war had a different impact in the society. Their hope had decreased, just as their enthusiasm. To overcome those excessive number of wars, and to achieve people’sadmiration of their country: the Munich accords were signed. The population became concerned about Hitler’s peace campaign which did not achieve the success promised by the government in mid 1930’s. Germany’s government at the time related the ability of solving problems, with the ability of being victorious when fighting a war. Their strength was feared by the other states, and Hitler was a brilliantstrategist. Citizens could not handle their governments actions anymore--they hoped to live in peace. Without a frequent crisis generated by the wars which Germany happen to be involved in, less depressed state for its citizens could be provided.
However, war was not being avoided as hoped. An eventual depression could not be avoided as a result of all the wars. This depression was presenteverywhere in the German territory, but the military force was convinced of their success, based on the early conflicts when Germany was able to defeat powerful rivals such as France.
The start of a war on Soviet Union soil surprised many people on both sides of the conflict. Neither Stalin nor the Germans were expecting such an act made by the German army under the command of their Government. Onceagain, Hitler was convinced of his success, and the population turned out to fall into depression. Soviet Union and Germany represented two major powers of the worlds armies; the consequences of this war was expected to create great destruction. Germany had finally began to expand its market, their economy seemed to find the track back to normality. Industries and exports were regularlyincreasing, but the start of the war brought some insecurity to the constant growth. When there is a conflict, there is going to be fear, and in this case, the fears were multiplied, as the enemy happen to be Soviet Union.
With the deep crisis affecting Germany after wars, the working class was no longer a part of the society. The nation suffered a shortage in jobs, and those with skills had theopportunity to take most of the jobs, as well the worked for longer periods of time in order to support their families during the recess of economic growth. The main cause of dissolution of the working class can be related to German security forces. The working class finally came back when those territories conquered by the German force started to emerge and promote jobs. The people who previously formedthe working class were mostly submitted to be part of German’s force. They were fighting for their country because of several different reasons; their survival was one of those reasons which consequently mobilized the society as a whole.
The number of soldiers who engaged in Hitler’s force was high, those soldiers submitted themselves with a commitment to Hitler’s point of view in how a perfectsociety must be. It is fair to claim that most soldiers are likely to come back from a conflict with a different personality; due to all devastation, brutality and memories that they acquire during the war period. In Germany this was not different, especially when the strategist of the battles happened to be Hitler. Those soldiers represented a large number of the German population and all thosethoughts were shared with the rest of the population; furthermore, those ones sent to war became part of Germany’s working class, as lawyers, professors, and other types of jobs which directly influence the society.
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The process of demodernization of the Wehrmacht has contradicted the view of the same being known by the modern army of that time. Part of its demodernization was...
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