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1st Bimester


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses

1. Lisa is a sociable person. She enjoys ____________ (talk) and she makes friends easily.
2. David is very organized. He avoids _____________(hand) in late work and he is always on time.
3. Rachel is quitetalkative. She loves ____________ (discuss) problems.
4. One advantage of ___________ (have) a nuclear family is that you have a closer relationship.
5. A good way to memorize new words is by _____________ (write) sentences using them.
6. He volunteered ___________ (help) at the hospital fund-raiser.
7. I just can’t resist _____________ (give) an opinion when I disagree.
8. I practiced_________ (speak) English with an American friend last night.

Circle the best answers to complete the sentences

| |
|My friend Shanda is pretty cool and very outgoing. She’s usually busy (1) to do/doing a million thins at once. Last week, I suggested (2)|
|togo/going out for dinner and (3) to see/seeing a movie. We arranged (4) to meet/meeting at 7. Well, I know she doesn’t worry about (5) |
|to be/being on time, but she didn’t show up until 7.30. At first, she said it took her a long time to finish (6) to get/getting ready. |
|Then, after the movie, she couldn’t resist (7) to tell/telling me what really happened. She was having such a good time(8) to |
|play/playing video games with her brother that she forgot about our plans. It’s a good thing I’m the laid-back type. |

Rewrite the sentences below using noun clauses with verb to be.

1. I have a big family. It’s a trouble. It’s expensive to feed everyone.

2. There’s a hard part. I have a big house. There’s so much work to do.

3. It’s abad thing. I have little brothers. I always have to baby-sit them.

4. There’s a problem. I have an extended family. We had to get a bigger car.

5. It’s the greatest thing. I have a small house. The bills are a lot lower.

Complete the sentences with ABOUT, OF, WITH or TO.

1. The best thing _____ my grandma living with us is that she’s a great cook.
2. The upside ____ beinga two-income family is we can afford a few small luxuries.
3. One difficulty ___ living with my in-laws is that they want everything their way.
4. The trick _____ living in a large family is you have to learn to respect each other.
5. The hard part _____strict parents is you always have to remember the rules.
6. The problem ____ not going to our family reunion is I won’t see my cousins.LESSON TWO

Match the sentence with the correct meaning.

1. Peter shouldn’t have gone to the party. _________
2. I was supposed to turn off my cell phone. ______
3. He needed a math tutor to help him study. ___________
4. Ji Eun didn’t have to cam for her exam. ____________
5. They had to submit their work on Friday. ________
6. He wasn’t supposed to stay out late. ______

a.Cramming wasn’t necessary.
b. It was a bad idea to go.
c. It was necessary if he wanted to pass.
d. There was a “no cell phones” rule.
e. His parents wanted him home early.
f. The deadline was the end of the week.

Circle the correct answer to complete the sentence.

1. Jan should have/shouldn’t have ignored the problem because it only got worse.
2. I was supposedto/didn’t have to apologize, but I was too stubborn.
3. Yoko needed to/wasn’t supposed to ignore her parents’ advice, but she did.
4. He fixed the leak himself, so he didn’t need to call/should have called a plumber.
5. When I got older, I had to/wasn’t supposed to learn to solve my own problems.
6. Marcos should have/shouldn’t have read the instructions before using the machine.
7. I needed...
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