Gap year

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Gap Year – Advantages and disadvantages

 You learn more about the world/other countries/other cultures;
 You broaden your horizons;
 It increases your self-confidence and senseof responsibility;
 You gain a year of work experience, which is always good;
 You can try different careers before you make up your mind;
 You can build up a large variety of new skills andcontacts;
 You can do some volunteer work and help the others/people living in poverty;
 You can help the environment;
 It’s a good way to give something back to society.
 It is a chance for abreak and to do something different after education has been essentially all that you've known all your life
- Many people find that it helps with their self confidence, assertiveness and also helpsdevelop personal skills, depending what they do with their time
- It can help you focus and work out just what you want to do at university if you apply during the gap year, where you will also knowyour grades with certainty
-Once you enter the world of work and responsibility it can be hard to have the chance to take time out of your career again until retirement
• It may be ayear lost;
• You may forget what you have learned at school;
• You may never return to school
• It may be expensive if you are not paid for your work;
• You may have to leave your family andfriends

• A gap year is constructive time out - it can be anywhere, anytime, doing anything. You could be building a school in Chile, doing some work experience, basking on a beach in Fiji or simplyworking for a year to save enough money for university or a new house - or even taking time out to change your career. It is about living life to the full and realising that there is a world ofopportunity out there just waiting to be explored...
In the UK a 'gap year' was traditionally viewed as the activity of taking time out before university. The word on the street was that it involved travel...
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