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  • Publicado : 25 de novembro de 2012
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The Global Achievement Gap and the Future of Education

The purpose of this proposal is to address the challenges and implications of
retaining and engaging a growing, multicultural,multi-religious, multifaceted student
population. To increase retention and engagement, there must be continued focus on
building successful learning infrastructures, and more effort is needed toidentify
students without the skills to create, manage, integrate, and evaluate information in an
ever-challenging academic environment. This proposal will provide insight on how
educators can providestudents with the necessary tools to acquire these skills. Without
these dynamic social skills, all the resources, hardware and access in the world will not
decrease the existing gaps currentlydefined by social as well as digital and technological

Teaching, learning and community building have been, and still are, major facets
of a successful school program. In today’ssetting, there is a need for not only
strengthened cohesion and communication between educators and administration but
also a need for autonomy and shared leadership within each organization. Theseparation and isolation between these facets is quickly becoming a notion of the past
as technologies and pedagogical ideas enable broader lines and forms of discussion and
collective understanding.Educational reform and progression require vision and insight
into the needs of students, administration, faculty and staff. As student profiles and
learning styles change, it is important forschools, curriculum and leadership to address
and assess these needs to better educate our students and provide the essential survival
skills needed to close the ever-growing achievement gap.Quotations:

“The Global Achievement Gap is the gap between what we are teaching and
testing in our schools, even in the ones that are most highly-regarded, versus
the skills all students will need...
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