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Gap year --- a period of in which students take time off and do something other than schooling, such as travel or work or volunteering --- adding value to your CV --- some universities ask for it.This is most commonly taken after high school. However, over recent years there has been an increase on students taking time out after completing their degree.

* In countries such as Portugalthis is not very common.
* In some countries there’s a limit in the number of students who take a year out, penalizing students who delay their education to travel abroad or work full time.
*In other countries like the USA the practice tends used to only prevail for students with some level of personal or family means.
* There are also countries such as Yemen and Israel where thisis compulsory in order to start college.

- Gap years cover a wide range of activities --- developing participants personal and communication skills --- you become more responsible,determined, mature, self-confident and independent

- It is a chance for a break and to do something different after education has been essentially all that you've known all your life --- releases thepressure of doing all your studies straight away --- once you enter the world of work and responsibility it can be hard to have the chance to take time out of your career again until retirement

- Itcan help you focus and work out just what you want to do at university if you apply during the gap year

- Some employers find it attractive when a person takes a gap year and does somethingproductive with their time during that period --- gain practical work experience in a variety of areas --- provide new skills on your CV

- Experiencing the satisfaction of making a difference whilegaining a more realistic understanding of a country and culture --- volunteering and environmental projects

* unique experiences not otherwise open to you, experience different types of workplaces...
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