A walk to remember

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Good afternoon. I'm going to talk about this book: A walk to remember. This romantic novel was written by Nicholas Sparks, a famous and talented writer. This book is narrated by Landon Carter, who atthe age of 57 recalls his life when he was 17 years old.
Landon Carter is a boy who belongs to a wealth family and is a friend of one of the most popular kids in his school. Landon's father is acongressman who is a stranger to his son. Landon's grandfather, who is now deceased, was a banker during the Great Depression, and he built the family fortune Carter, taking advantage of the poorpeople. One of the employees of Carter's grandfather was the Reverend Sullivan, who still holds a grudge against the Carters.
Reverend Sullivan takes care of his daughter, Jamie Sullivan, by himself, dueto the fact that his wife died during the birth of her daughter. Jamie is a very lovely and friendly girl. She carries her bible for all the places, and is very attached to her father.
Landon, whois a senior in High School from North Carolina town, following the orders of his father, he applied for the student body president of her school, and won elections. The day of the Homecoming Dance wascoming, and how his girlfriend left him, he had no one to go with. Ashamed to appear at the party alone, Landon invites Jamie. She accepts the invitation, with one condition: that he did not fall inlove with her. Landon knows Jamie since childhood, but they were never very close. He always found her unattractive, because she always wear the same sweater and her hair pulled back in a tail.Some weeks later, Jamie asks Landon a favor: for him to make the father's role in the Christmas play. This piece, called The Christmas Angel, was written by her father, where he tells the story of a manwho, distressed by the death of his wife, cannot be a good father for his daughter. An angel appears to the man, counsels him to be a better father and also performs a small miracle for the family...
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