What you know vs who you know

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What you know vs. Who you know

In life, two factors are very important and can determine your chances. The first one is what you know and the other is who you know. Theanswers for these questions can be determinative for achieving success whether in business or in life.
Having good relations is and always was essential for humanity, butknowledge is one of the most powerful things in our reality. Without knowledge things becomes more difficult, especially if you intend to have big things.
For example, if you’retrying to start a business in an area that you don’t know well, you’ll probably fail, because unless your employees and people related to you are fully trustable, you run the riskof being deceived and thus you can lose good opportunities and get your business broken.
On the other hand, if you don’t have good contacts, your chances of getting success inyour business will be minor. It will be very hard to start up, because in the beginning when no one knows you everything becomes harder without a good networking.
In anotherexample, if you’re seeking a job but don’t have the needed knowledge, your chances of being chosen will reduce significantly. And even if you did no matter whom you know, you’llprobably not last much without knowledge.
Seeking knowledge brought humanity to where it is and if it wasn’t for this pursuit, we probably couldn’t have many of the things thathelp many of us to survive. In most situations, knowledge makes you be respected, makes you feel safe. The pleasure of learning is one of the most satisfactory feelings inlife.
Therefore, although having good contacts are very important, I believe that the knowledge most defines your chances in life. Because as they say: knowledge is power.
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