The island

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“The Island”
In my point of view it’s a very futuristic film, a little bit more futuristic than the films that I used to watch.
The island it’s a movie that makes us to think about the laws of thenature since the central subject of the movie is cloning, which is one of the subjects with more questions, nowadays.
About the special effects, I think they are a little bit too far. I say thisbecause, in spite of not being a supporter of Science Fiction, special effects and the staging are with a high level of development for the time (2019).
The history of this film is transferred in thefuture (2019) and has as main subject cloning.
Clones that do not know what they are and they live isolated of the world, thinking that they are the only survivors of a catastrophe that contaminated allthe people, but them.
This society is controlled at one hundred percent for the manager of the center.
What they eat, what they drink, what they dress is all controlled one.
“They had beeneducated” with images that someone put them in the head of each clone and this exactly clones thinks that it had a life stops backwards.
For all the surviving presumptions of the contamination, the onlyexit for that “CAGE” is the island.
Paradisiacal small farm that escaped to the contamination.
In the way of this confusion all, exists one clone sufficiently thinker than the remains, Lincoln EchoSix. Lincoln questions everything and all. Starting, then, an attempt of the discovery of the truth.
This discovery was interrupted when its “friend” Jordan Delta Two to have profit would crowd it.Lincoln is not anything to the wait of the horrible world that encircles it. When discovering that “the island” was only one code for when clones they had of being deceased, therefore its true onesneeded something, Lincoln ran away with Jordan Delta.
In the film clones are treated as stuff, but during the same clones they prove that they obtain to be better that the people, in the film clones...
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