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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Antunes, F. 1, Netto, A. V. 2, Silva, W. 3,

1 UFSCar, São Carlos, Brazil,
2 UNICEP, São Carlos, Brazil,
3 Xbot, São Carlos, Brazil,

Abstract: This paper describes the Software Curumim Interface program that it controls a robot via block's programming. Thisprogram makes easier for people, that, don't have enough knowledge about the program languages, even those, they can determinate some action to the robot. The program has a menu that contain significative icons that sugest the comands. In order to write the program, it is only necessary ti clic the icon in the menu and the block will be insert in the program's window. In this way a block's sequency willbe create, that the Curumim will execute. The interface makes enable to the user change any parameter of the block, delete it, insert a new block beetwen other already in the program. For the experienced user, exist a possibility to use the C/C++ languages to program the robot.

Keywords: educational software, robotic education, mobile robot, educational tecnology, robotics interface program.1. INTRODUCTION
In order to promote the educational development, teaching and learning of basics logic idea through a robot, we developed the Curumim Kit. This kit, illustrated in Figure 1, includes the Curumim robot, a couple of batteries with charger, the radio-base for communication between the robot and the computer, camera receiver, besides the Curumim software and their user’s guide.Fig. 1. Curumim Kit
Curumin’s Software is the interface between the robot and the user. With this the user will be able to send all the commands required to control Curumim. For this purpose, we present two options: block programming and C / C + +.
The first option of programming is formed by a set of blocks to choice and build an algorithm, then the robot performs the actions planned sendinginstructions by radio-base.
Thus, when assembling a program the user will have to think about which blocks to use and in which order "fit" them, as well as use creativity to achieve the intended goal.
The software also has a "translator" of blocks programming for C / C + +. For each block included in your program there is a code snippet that will build the equivalent code program in C / C + +.This will be available to the user so it’s possible to acess and even change or rebuild it. The purpose is take the user to a higher level, since this functionality provides self-learning about C / C + + programming. So, it’s also possible to build more elaborate programs for Curumim.

As seen in Figure 2, Curumim robot is composed of some items whichfacilitate the execution of their tasks. A clamp in front of the robot which works vertically up and down, where the user can put a pen and with his positioning down have marked the trajectory of the robot;

Fig. 2. Curumim’s details
There is a camera that provides images of the front of the robot, with which the user can request a Figure or reading a QRCode during the execution of each action;Curumim also has five infrared sensor used to detect obstacles near to the robot;
Besides, a set of three motor designed to move the robot, with swedish wheels, allowing a composition of different movements to the robot, which could not be made by conventional wheels. This characterizes the Curumim like an omnidirectional robot.

The software is the Curumim’s environmentprogramming, where the user determines the actions for the robot perform. It has a friendly interface and easier to use [4], The software is divided into five sections, as illustrated in Figure 3:
Fig. 3. Curumim’s software interface

1. Toolbar and Menu: The menu is formed by the general software’s options available, since managing the program generated by the user, as long settings, views...