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SAP Solution Brief SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations SAP Commercial Real Estate

Portfolio Visibility and ProPerty lifecycle ManageMent

The SAP® Commercial Real Estate application is an integrated solution that enables you to manage complex property portfolios covering retail, industrial, and residential propertiesas well as landholdings. Empower yourself to make better decisions, increase your competitive position, and grow your margins.

Challenges Facing Commercial Real Estate Companies

The SAP® Commercial Real Estate application helps eliminate these barriers by providing a property lifecycle solution Commercial real estate companies are that delivers a single integrated data under constant pressureto increase source as well as an integrated analytitheir margins by maintaining high occu- cal layer for customized reporting, portpancy levels, investing in the right marfolio analysis and valuation, and capital kets at the right time, delivering projects planning. As part of the SAP for Engion time and within budget, controlling neering, Construction & Operations operating costs, and gettingfull reimsolution portfolio, this application intebursement for their common area main- grates with other readily configurable tenance expenses. And they must do SAP software solutions, including all this while strategically planning their the SAP ERP application and the SAP growth and diversification into new geo- NetWeaver® Business Warehouse comgraphical areas. Leaders in commercial ponent. Theresult: you can quickly aureal estate require insight into every tomate and streamline your operations aspect of their business, enabling them and gain greater insight into the perto make the right decisions regarding formance of your real estate portfolio. their operations and strategies to mainReal-Time Visibility and Reporting tain and increase margins in an everchanging and competitive industryfor Property Portfolios environment. One of the biggest challenges facing commercial real estate executives is Although point solutions can support portfolio insight. This challenge could certain industry-specific business processes, many such solutions are incom- include monitoring building occupancy levels or accessing portfolio data needplete. As point solutions, they do not ed to plan forfuture investments. With have the functionality to support the entire real estate lifecycle in a fully inte- SAP Commercial Real Estate, you gain access to a single source of real-time grated manner, nor do they support a and historical data that is integrated broad range of country localizations throughout the entire enterprise. This with respect to language, currency, single source of the truthsimplifies acmeasurement types, tax requirements, and so on. In addition to these function- cess to information by senior management, giving them an accurate basis for al shortcomings, point solutions have their decision making, budgeting, and a fundamental technological barrier. They lack full integration with automated planning as well as providing them a complete audit trail. Through theapplifunctionality that can provide complete cation’s role-based portals, managers, transparency and real-time access to a single version of the truth. In addition, departments, and teams across the company gain instant access to informathey are dependent on interfaces that require time, effort, and expense to build tion they need to fulfill their responsibilities, while built-in security features help andmaintain. ensure data consistency and integrity.

Fast and Accurate Analysis for Investment Strategies
SAP Commercial Real Estate helps you make smarter growth and diversification decisions. A fully integrated analytical layer captures data, such as core financial, project, facility maintenance, and real estate data, from all integrated solutions. It provides you with customized reporting...