Hotelaria e turismo no brasil

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  • Publicado : 3 de junho de 2012
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William Blue College of Hospitality Management

Bruno Petroni Taveira

ECONOMICS AND SOCIAL IMPACTS OF TOURISMSubject: Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Student Name: Bruno Petroni Taveira

Student Number: 00069970TLecturer: Trish Powers



Ruschmann Doris (1993) states: "The impacts of tourism relate to the range of modifications orsequence of events, caused by the process of tourism development in localities receivers."


Tourism is an important source for growth and development of a country'seconomy,
particularly for countries with tourist potential.


Employment generation; the tourism industry is an industry that depends largely on the human factor, so itfavors the creation of jobs.

Construction equipment;

Elevation of the cultural and professional levels;

Modification of the positive economic and social structure;

Attraction of skilled labourfrom other places;

It increases the production of goods and services;

Increases the demand for local products from fresh produce to crafts;

Foreign investment;

More tax revenue.• NEGATIVE IMPACTS

Seasonality of tourism;

Inflation and real estate speculation;

Excessive reliance on foreign investor capital;

Much of currency leaving the country (earnings ofmultinationals);

Over-dependence on tourism;

Unskilled labour in the area;

Increase in underemployment (e.g. street vendors)


• POSITIVE IMPACTS:Improved quality of life of the local community (creation of infrastructure, health, education, housing ...);

Experiences with the visitors (cultures and different lifestyles);

Use of the local...