Environmental organization

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Environmental organizations


This study was carried out by Fabio; Flávio; Júnio and Marcelo in the discipline of English.
In this study, we will introduce to you theenvironmental organizations.

* What are environmental organizations?
* Functions and objectives
* Locations

Environmental organization

An environmental organization is anorganization that seeks to protect, analyze the environment against abuse or degradation. The organization may be a charity, a non-governmental organization or a government organization. They can beglobal, national, regional or local.
Some of the environmental issues that are of interest to environmental organizations are pollution, waste, resource depletion and increasingly on climate change.Notable global environmental organizations

* United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
* Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
* Greenpeace

Green politicsGreen politics is a political ideology which places a high importance on environment, with Green parties they have formed to implement environmental policy at a government level.

Theenvironmental organizations that will talk about

* Quercus
(Environmental organizations of Portugal)

* Natural England
(Environmental organizations of England)


Associação Nacional deConservação da Natureza (National Association for Nature Conservation) is a Portuguese environmental organization founded in 1985. It is headquartered in the Monsanto Forest Park, in Lisbon.
Ontheir website, Quercus declares itself to be a non-profit national environment organization, independent from political parties.

Mission statement

Protest against the destruction of natural spacesin the coast of Alentejo, to build tourist accommodation, in February 2006.

Quercus is a Portuguese organization, but it has concerns about the environment outside Portugal as well. A recent...
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