Characteristics of an essay

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Readability Factors

1. Essays are well typed, using 1.5 or double-spacing, in a font that is easy to read.

2. Spelling andpunctuation is correct.

3. References are clear, complete and consistent

4. Technical terms are explained and examples are provided where possible.

5. The topic is placed in a broadercontext in the first part of the essay.

6. The structure is clear and divided into easily digested paragraphs, which contain one main idea and connect to the next one.

7. If there aresections, the headings relate to the content and don’t mislead.

8. The writer's intentions are 'signposted' at each stage.

9. Language is relatively simple but formal and sentences arenot too long.

10. Introductions are clear and:

* examine the question (and its presuppositions)
* define necessary terms
* inform the reader of what is to come.
* give abrief statement of the main theme or argument
* give a short outline of the paper.

11. Conclusions:

* make clear links to the essay question
* remember the main steps of the argument* summarise the findings
* discuss the implications of what has been discovered/decided
* indicate the place of the research in the wider field of knowledge
* admit what has not beendone and explains the reasons for this
* look ahead/recommends profitable further research


1. The assignment shows you have read widely and critically (e.g. you have looked forpossible contradictions to the evidence)

2. You have used both primary (e.g. research papers, official documents) and secondary sources (e.g. text books)

3. Overquoting has been avoided andwhere possible you have successfully paraphrased the original (and have always included the reference)

4. Your position has been made clear.

5. Opinion is not presented as fact. Arguments and...
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