(Re) structure of paragraphs in essays papers and argumentatives assignments based on graphs theory and the organization of problem-solution patterns

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Abstract. Keywords: essays, paragraph, graphs theory

The natural language processing – NLP is not a common task, and it is getting notorious each day for the academic public. Analyzing a essay under the concept of the speech is to intend that some of the obstacles have been overcame, once there is an increasing on the complex of modeling and computational treatment when it involves knowledge on semantic, pragmatic and speech fields[1]. To promote the structuring of paragraphs in essay writing vestibular becomes more complex, not just stick to the discursive and morphosyntactic aspect, but also because they are texts that have, in theory, grammatical inaccuracies in nature, which hinder the performance and reduce system designed to NLP. [2] shows that discourse analysis can provide a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by students to produce their essays. Following this line of thinking, this article discusses the use of problem-solution patterns [3], on vestibular essays, in order to submit a proposal for organizing the text, using the same ideas and syntactic constructions of the original text, aiming to improve the presentation of those ideas to encourage better understanding of the text, and also the facilitation reading. The studies of [4] and [5] demonstrate the need for analysis of complex networks based on their characteristics to identify its topology, determining the level of cohesion between the documents, identifying crucial documents to maintaining the links and extracting knowledge for decision making. The design of paper text allows the adoption of graph theory and complex networks to evaluate some characteristics of its textual structure, such as cohesion and structure of paragraphs. The results of this article include this statement.

The Organization Problem-Solution Pattens According to [3], the text can be defined as a visible evidence of an interaction with the intention of self-contained of one


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