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Management and Organisational Behaviour

Ronald J Mutaki
Culture and internal functions of organisations
Dcember 2011

The following essay will discuss the key potential changes instructure and culture, how the management of motivation within the organisation may be affected, explore motivational theories in leadership and management of staff and evaluate the importance ofeffective team building at time of mergers and acquistions.

In the event of a merger involving two or more banks , the first of the noticeable changes will naturally be within the structure of theorganisation. As the organisation will be automatically larger as a whole, it is likely that there will be repetition of job role and ultimately an opportunity to keep or increase overall output whilstreducing the overall workforce. Mullins (2005) describes culture as “the division of work among members of the organisation, and the co-ordination of their activities so they are directed towards thegoals and objectives of the organisation.” this simple definition gives us an insight into how a merger or acquisition would likely cause the structure to be taller and wider in order to facilitateease of supervision particularly where it is mainly concerned with the span of control. If the span of control is too wide, it becomes difficult to supervise subordinates effectively and this placesmore stress on the manager. If the span of control is too narrow, this may present a problem of co-ordination and consistency in decision making and hinder communications across the organisationstructure.
As organisations can be structured by function, area, product, division, customer type or process, Morton (2010) describes how functional structures consist of units or departments identified byspeciality, such as finance, sales or human resources where a main characteristic is typically that they are tall with many different management layers for example; board of directors , senior...
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