Van gogh

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Vincent van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands in 1883. The son of a pastor, brought up in a religious and cultured atmosphere, Vincent was highly emotional and lacked self-confidence.Between 1860 and 1880, when he finally decided to become an artist, had worked unsuccessfully as a clerk in a bookstore, an art salesman. He remained in Belgium to study art. The works of his early Dutchperiod are somber-toned, sharply lit, genre paintings of which the most famous is "The Potato Eaters" (1885)

In 1886 he went to Paris, where van Gogh studied with Cormon, inevitably met Pissarro,Monet, and Gauguin, and began to lighten his very dark palette and to paint in the short brushstrokes of the Impressionists He decided to go south to Arles where he hoped his friends would join him andhelp found a school of art. Gauguin did join him but with disastrous results. Near the end of 1888, an incident led Gauguin to ultimately leave Arles. Van Gogh pursued him with an open razor, wasstopped by Gauguin, but ended up cutting a portion of his own ear lobe off. Van Gogh then began to alternate between fits of madness and lucidity and was sent to the asylum in Saint-Remy for treatment.In May of 1890, he seemed much better and went to live in Auvers-sur-Oise under the watchful eye of Dr. Gachet. Two months later he was dead, having shot himself "for the good of all." During hisbrief career he had sold one painting.
His brother, who had collected the majority of Vincent's work from Paris, died only six months later. His widow took the collection to Holland and dedicatedherself to getting the now deceased Vincent the recognition he deserved. She published his work and Vincent became famous nearly instantly. His reputation has been growing since.
His work is stillastounding millions around the world daily, and though he sold only one painting in his life, his influence on the outcome of art has been amazing and overwhelming. His paintings have reached new records...
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