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/ 1. Write the third person singular forms of these verbs.


2.Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs: Mary Mary So, do you live downtown, David? Oh, so you _____________(walk/walks) to work. then I ____________(walk/walks) home at night. Whatabout you? Mary Well, my husband and I __________(have/has) a house in the suburbs now, so I ________(drive/drives) to work. My husband doesn’t _______(work/works) downtown. He ________(work/works)in the suburbs near our house, so he ___________(go/goes) to work by bus. 3. Complete the text with the verb phrases in the box

David Yes, I ___________ with my mother. (live / lives)She__________(have/has) an apartment near here.

David Actually, I __________(don’t/doesn’t) walk to work in the morning. I__________(take/takes) the bus and

4. Circle the correct words to complete thequestions. Then write answers:


5)Complete these conversations with at, in, on or

6) Ann and Kay talk about their new gym teacher. Write conversations:

7. Answer the questions below: a) Whattime do you get up? b) How do you go to school or work? c) What time do you go home? d) Name two things you do on weekdays. e) Name two things you do on weekends. f) Name two things you do on Fridaynights. g) Name two things you do on Sunday mornings. h) When do you have English classes? i) When do you surf the net? j) What time do you go to bed?

8) Write questions to complete theconversations.

9) Complete this conversation using the sentences below: a) It has three rooms. c) Yes, I do. I love it! b) Yes, it does. It has a beautiful view of the city. d) No, I don’t. I have a smallapartment on Spring Street.

1. Simon: Do you live in a house, James? James: ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Simon: How many rooms does it have? James:...
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