The true story of romeo and juliet

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Nome: Matheusde Oliveira \ João Lucas nº 23 \ 13
Série: 9º ano
Turno: Tarde
Professor(a): Neila
D. Choose the correct alternative.
1. Thisstory takes place
a) before the month of May.
b) in a British city.
c) in summer.
2. “Young ladies take this opportunity to step outside their houses.” This sentence means that
a) girls alwayswalked on the streets.
b) girls seldom walked on the streets.
c) girls never walked on the streets.
3. According to Mrs .Capulet, It Juliet went on beating up Romeo,
a) she would not go to themasked ball.
b) the Montagues would like it.
c) she would spoil their arrangement with the Montagues.
4. Before the masked ball, Romeo didn’t want to marry Juliet because
a) she was miserable.
b) hehated her.
c) she was only fifteen.
5. Why did the Montagues want Romeo to marry Juliet?
a) Because they wanted to join their properties with the Capulets’ properties.
b) Because Romeo was doingfine in his flute lessons.
c) Because Juliet was a tough girl.
6. When Juliet learns about her parents’ plan
a) she weeps.
b) she feels happy.
c) she beats them up.
7. Friar Lawrence walked veryquickly during the funeral
a) to show that he approved of the Montagues’ plan.
b) to show that he disapproved of the Montaques’ plan.
c) because he saw that the sun was melting the wax figures.8. Where can one find happiness?
a) Only in traveling on dusty roads.
b) Anywhere he wants to.
c) Only in family life.
1. Why did Juliet knock the fiveboys down at the piazza maggiore?


2. Was that the first time Juliet...
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