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Do you know what a computer system is? The computer system executes all the function of a computer. A standard computer system consist of three basic parts orsections: input, a processor unit, and the outputs units.
The function of the input unit is to accept both the data and the programs needed for processing and to present them to the processor unit.The processor unit stores and processes the data, and the output units display the results obtained from processing.
The most commom input units are the keyboard and the mouse. These devicesenable data to go into the computer’s memory.
The processor unit is devided into two main parts: the Central Processing Unit ( the CPU) and the main storage unit ( the main memory). The CentralProcessing Unit is considered the most important component of the computer system. In other words, the CPU is the brain of the computer. It carries out program instructions and coordinates all theactivities of the other units. The main memory holds the instructions and the data which are currently being processed by the CPU.
All computers have a type of auxiliary, or extra, storage device: floppyor hard disks. These devices provide permanent storage of both data and programs. Disk drives are used to handle one or more floppy disks. (a.k.a.diskettes).
Outputs units enable us to extractthe finished product from the system. The computer either shows the output on the monitor screen or prints the results onto paper by means of a printer.
The peripherals are the physical unitsconnected to the computer. They include both input and output devices as well as storage devices. Peripherals such as a mouse, modems,scanners, optical devices, printers, keyboards,loudspeakers,etc., areplugged into the parts on the rear panel of the computer.
The peripheral set of a computer system is also known as the configuration. Regardless of appearance, cost, or size, all computers have...
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