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|ficha de trabalho |2011 - 12 |
|Curso de técnico DE INFORMÁTICA de gestão /restauração |1º |Ano |
|ciclo de formação 2011/2014| | |

|Disciplina | |
|módulo |2 – um mundo de muitas línguas |
|nome | Joana Isabel santana teixeira|n.º |94 |
| | DATA ____/____/____ |

I - Read the text.

Hi, my name is Dugan and one of my dreams has always been to learn how to speak Spanish and to achieve close to native speaker level.
Last yearI took some courses in Spanish. I planned a trip that included a local language training program. This had a number of advantages. First of all, I got to go to an interesting place in a warm climate and learn Spanish. I was able to stay in a “homestay” program, meaning that I stayed with a local family. I got to know local costumes and traditions. I explored the local area, met some of the localpeople, took pictures, etc.
It was a fantastic combination, spending four hours in the morning learning the language, then having the afternoon off to explore the place, having weekends free to do excursions and being fully immersed in the local culture.
A program like this is great because you don’t need a travel partner since you will be staying with a local family and you arealready connected to other people through the local language learning institution.
These languages school generally take care of everything, including the accommodation. They usually also have excursions and special social and cultural events that students can participate in. (adapted and abridged)A. After reading the text, say if the sentences are true or false. Correct the false ones. (4x5=20)

1. Dugan has always wanted to learn Italian.

R: False. Dungan always wanted to learn Spanish.

2. When in was in Spain, he stayed at a hotel.

R: False. When he was in Spain he stayed with a local family.

3. He had classes in the morning and in theafternoon explored the place.


4. Language schools only take care of the language lessons.

R: False. Language schools generally take care of everthing.

B. Match each word on the left with its equivalent on the right. (5x4=20)

|1.achieve | |a) wonderful ||2. advantages | |b) completely |
|3.fantastic | |c) associated |
|4.fully | |d) benefits ||5.connected | |e) accomplish |

1) E

2) D

3) A

4) B

5) C

C. Find the opposites to the following words. (4x5=20)

1. Teach 2. Excluded 3. Disadvantages 4. Boring

1) Unteach

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