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22 April 2010, Milan – Vertu, the market leader in luxury mobile phones, has announced the launch of the new Ascent. Conceived, designed and inspired by icons of power, speed, performance and technologies such as stealth, Ascent uses extreme design and enhanced features to complement a fast-paced lifestyle.

Commenting on the design of the phone, Frank Nuovo,Principal Designer said, “The new Ascent design is an extreme expression within the heart of the Vertu Collection. The highly structural, linear and faceted nature of the design is hard edged and without compromise of character.”

Taking its expertise in materials and pushing it to the limit, Vertu has for the first time in this new model deployed aerospace grade aluminium in the engineering oftheir full handset casings. Combined with the continued use of titanium for casings, this presents two variants of Ascent, each with a very different character, both offering exceptional performance to the customer.

A material with very specific characteristics and more closely associated with Formula 1 and aerospace applications, aluminium delivers strength as well as lightweight performance.The casings of aluminium Ascent handsets are heat treated in a process known as precipitation hardening, producing microscopic changes in the aluminium which can double the strength of the alloy. Further enhancing these properties, the parts are then anodised – a process which transforms the surface, creating a layer five times harder than the raw material.

An established material within theVertu portfolio, Titanium has again been chosen for its exceptional strength to weight ratio. A nine stage forging process is used to create the Ascent casing, with the majority of these stages involving heating the metal to 860 degrees before applying 630 tonnes of pressure to mould the material. The structural forms within the design amplify the strength and nature of the materials whilst, staying true to its commitment to the most luxurious of finishes, the handsets are trimmed using either high-performance vulcanised rubber or leather.

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu, said, “The Ascent handset is a reflection of the user – those that are not afraid to step outside the norm, to go off the beaten track whether in business or leisure. Many people succeed in life because they arenever afraid to face challenges and embrace them. They rely on an entrepreneurial spirit, forging a path to success in the face of challenging climates, using the best skills and equipment to overcome obstacles. This phone and the services it offers will meet those challenges.”

Also enhanced on the inside, the engine in the Ascent offers quad-band 3G and GSM network coverage¹, ensuring the bestpossible connection. The phone comes equipped with Assisted GPS technology and pre-loaded worldwide maps covering more than 190 countries as well as a 32GB internal memory, providing storage for files such as photographs and video footage.

As ever with Vertu, authenticity is everything and its unrelenting attention to detail is seen in the interpretation of the iconic chronograph clock face.Synonymous with motor racing and military aviation, both of which are direct inspirations for the Ascent product, it is a fitting choice that the clock should be a chronograph design.

Like such watches, the Ascent has a dedicated side key to activate the stopwatch. While the stopwatch is running, allowing the user to record and save split and lap times, the clock continues to function normally.Intelligent and precise time keeping technology also ensures that the clock is adjusted to the local time of the phone’s location, wherever in the world the phone is connected to a network. When abroad, the clock always displays an origin location time, keeping you in touch and connected to home.

Ascent features a high-quality, five mega pixel camera with sapphire crystal lens protection and...