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FORGET THE TIPS. Or at least do the homework over it.
When it comes to predicting the market, the important skill here is not listening, its snoring. The trick is not to learn to trust your gut feeling, but rather to discipline yourself to ignore them. Stand by your stocks as long as the fundamental story of the company hasn´t changed.

To make a spectular showing, you onlyhave to find one big winner out of eleven.

Market Lag. Analistas mantem seu foco de análise sobre empresas que já estão em pauta na maioria dos outros analistas. As empresas pequenas com grande potencial de crescimento ficam fora do "radar" dos analistas, existe um lag para os analistas perceberem os potenciais de pequenas empresas que não estão em seus radares.

Most important, you can findterrific opportunities in the neighborhood or at the workplace, months or even years before the news has reached the analysts and the fund managers they advise.

Six out of ten is all it takes to produce an enviable record on Wall Street.

Consistent winners also resign themselves to the fact that they´ll ocasionally be dealt with a great opportunity, but by some reason the market turn itupside-down. They accept their fate and go on to the next opportunity, confident that their basic method will reward them over time.

People who succeed in the market, also accept periodic losses, setbacks, and unexpected ocurrencees. Calamitous drops do not scare them out of the game if the fundamentals are on the course and there are no sudden unlikely prospects or news.


(1) Do i own a house: You’re a good investor in houses because you know how to poke around from the attic to the basement and ask the right questions. Stocks are the same.

(2) Do i need the money: Only invest what you could afford to lose without that loss having any effect on your daily life in the foreseeable future.

(3) Do I have the personal qualities it takes to succeed?It’s important to be able to make decisions without complete or perfect information. Things are almost never clear on the market, or when they are, then its too late to make a profit from them.


You don´t have to be able of forecast the stock market to make money in stocks.
We´re still looking backward for signs of the upcoming menace, but that´sonly if we can decide what the upcoming menace is. Remember the Mayan mythology.

+ Dont overestimate the skill and wisdom of professionals.
+ Take advantage of what you already know.
+ Look for opportunities that havent yet been discovered and certified by Wall Street - companies that are "off the radar scope"
+ Invest in a house before you invest in a stock.
+ Invest in companies, not inthe stock market.
+ Ignore short-term fluctuations.
+ Large profits or losses can be made in common stocks.
+ Predicting the economy is futile.
+ Predicting the short-term direction of the stock market is futile.
+ The long-term returns from stocks are both relatively predictable and also far superior to the long-term returns from bonds.
+ Keeping up with a company in wich you own stock islike playing and endless stud-poder hand.
+ Common stocks aren´t for everyone, nor even for all phases of a person´s life.
+ The average person is exposed to interesting local companies and products years before the professionals.
+ Having an edge will help you make money in stocks.
+ In the stock market, one in the hand is worth ten in the bush.

THE EDGE, YOUR EDGE, DOUBLE EDGE!!!(Stalking the tenbagger)


However stock has come to your attention, wheter the way, the discovery IS NOT A BUY SIGNAL.
What you got so far is simply a lead to a story that has to be developed.
Treat the initial information as anonymous, that way you don't buy it because you like the company or because the person who indicated it to you has a big reputation....