Project building a house

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Pre Implementation Documentation of Project

The Scope Document

Name of the Project
Building a house in Havelock North Nº 1

Statement Work

This is statement of work contract between Vinny Construction and Apeksha Senadheera. The contract is about construction new house in HavelockNorth, Hastings, New Zealand.

Vinny Construction is a company more the 10 years old in market work with building houses and reforms houses in Hawke’s Bay, address 114 Heretaunga Street East Hasting 4122, Phone/Fax (06) 878 4363. We has goods knowledge in construction because have qualified team (engineers, technics, architect, managers), have good labour.

Apeksha Senadheera isclient address: 115Heretaunga Street East Hastings – New Zealand 4122, Phone/Fax (06) 878 4363 Mobile 021 12151615, her want one new house, because these find Vinny Constructions. Apeksha Senadheera is tutor of college Future Leaning N.Z. in Hasting city this house is very important in life her.

Character if house in Havelock North awake between Sponsor and Construction, the house willhave 3 rooms, one this is master bedroom should face the sun, 2 toilets, 2 live rooms, double garage, small garden and one big kitchen, 2 floors, the colour houses green and white windows, swimming pool, BBQ area, wall 2 metres.

The Place
The house will be building in Havelock North suburb Hastings – New Zealand, address 35 Muritai Cres Street Havelock North – Hastings New Zealand, the clienthave one land 30m front and 40m front to back its equal 1200m2 (square feet) valour estimated in $ 250.000,00 (two fifty hundred thousand N.Z. Dolores). This land is good ready to start building a house, land doesn’t need arrange.
About place is Havelock north is a suburb in Hastings, New Zealand, en the North Island Hawkes Bay. The suburb, known locally as "the village", stands onthe Hetetaunga Plains, and has a reputation for its orchards, vineyards, and educational facilities. One of New Zealand's most important wine regions spreads around the area. The town's industry is based around its fruit and wine production, and includes a horticultural research centre.

* Project Manager (Vinicius Cestonaro)
* Sponsor (Apeksha Senadheera)
* Civil Engineer (DallasVegas)
* Electrical Engineer (Sala Cevas)
* Architect (Lei Truly)
Only client don’t work in Vinny Construction, others people work together in Vinny Construction.

With write up client is give the land and money. About materials we will need building a house have tree Shops to provide A, B and C.
Shop A, have products about first material will need start building a houseper example, block, cement, woods, floor and roof. Shop B has electrical materials per example light, electric wire, electric points we will need doing and etc. Shop C has furnished, paint, all you need finish one house.

Constrains and Problems
The responsibility this project is Project manager, responsibility per frame time and manager this project the more the best can, contact is and Phone is 021 1140 164, any problem this is first people will solve problem about yours responsibility, this person absent you need find Civil Engineer solve any problems.
The responsibility about resources is from sponsor and follows this project until finish. The responsibility about plant this house is the Civil Engineer with construction house. The responsibilityabout electrical plant is Electric Engineer, with good ideas Sponsor installation all part electric this house, lights, electrical points. The responsibility about design house is the Architect and Sponsor, what furniture put in house and colour rooms.
The garden need show life green in front this house, and garage don’t need appear very big in front this house. Roof this house have 3 different...