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Monday, 1 October 2007

The NOMAD UWA Sustainable Housing Experimental Test Facility was officially opened on July 27 by Associate Professor Jane Long, Pro-ViceChancellor (Teaching & Learning), with Associate Professor Carolyn Oldham and Associate Professor Gary Bundell from the Faculty.
The primary sponsor of this facility, NOMAD Modular Building, wasrepresented by Mr Phil Guy (Manager Director) and Mr Brendan Milburn (General Manager, Operations) and from Clipsal Integrated Systems who donated electrical equipment, Mr John Valli (Product Manager) and MrMike Brunt.
The NOMAD UWA Sustainable Housing Experimental Test, located in the Engineering Carpark near Fairway Entrance 4, will provide the initial test bed for the research development ofIntelligently Designed Engineering for Advanced Living (IDEAL) House programme within the School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering.
This new initiative is broadly divided into the two majorareas of sustainability and automation, which include all aspects where electrical, electronic and computing technologies could contribute to human well-being within a habitat. Other areas related tothe research development of the IDEAL House include energy production, energy efficiency, automated control of appliances, leisure and entertainment, comfort and safety, as well as providing the basicneeds of food, water and shelter in novel and sustainable ways.
The IDEAL House project currently involves twenty undergraduates and six staff from the School, along with representatives from WesternPower and Clipsal Integrated Systems. The School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering looks forward to expanding the project to involve other Schools within the Faculty and furtherindustry partners.

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If you would like information on how to be involved in the NOMAD UWA Sustainable Housing Experimental Test Facility then please contact Dr Roberto Togneri on (+61...