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  • Publicado : 8 de junho de 2012
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About the restaurant
Located in Randwick Junction, Satollare is a restaurant specializing in pizzas, and, after a few years working, has a market research to keep the rates of sale and keep in the midst of competition. This research takes into consideration the population of their area and, based on it, presents three new items on their menu, plus some internal changes.
The population ofRandwick is comprised of 47.4% males and 52.6% females, which completes the total of 25,817 people, according to research done in 2006. The median/average age of the Randwick population is 34 years of age, 3 years below the Australian average. The country of birth of people living in Randwick is 55.4% Australia, 5.4% England, 2.9% New Zealand, 2.8% China, 1.5% South Africa, 1.5% Ireland.
67.3% of thepeople living in Randwick are employed full time, while 23.8% are employed on a part time basis. Randwick has a below average unemployment rate of 3.8% and 5468 people are not part of the labour force. The average individual income is $731.00 per week and the average household income is $1348.00 per week.
To carry out such research, was taken into consideration the following items: Distance to betraveled over the place of departure; Diversity of other places for food; Proximity to sights; Proximity to commercial sites; Time lunch hour; Proximity to nightclubs; Who is the target audience and what they like to do?; What are the most used media?; Why attend the premises?; What the customer expects the service and what is your assessment?; Who is the potential audience?

Launching newproducts
According to the type of people who live in Randwick, Satollare design 3 menu items, and new forms of selling.
As part of the new menu, Hot Mexican meets the taste of those who have a preference for spicy food, as in the area studied, there is enough variety of well frequented restaurants that serve spicy food. Its ingredients make up ground beef, guacamole, chili, cheese, tomatoes andolives.
Taking into account those who seek a healthier food, the option Delicious Light takes integral mass, smoked salmon, mozzarella and rocket.
The sweet option, is presented Gelatto Pizza, which will appeal especially women in the region, that represent 52.6% of the population. The new pizza is composed of nutella, strawberry and a ball of vanilla ice cream with chopped nuts on top.
The newitems are able to meet the needs of customers, once they are common products in other restaurants, but now found in the form of pizza, which differs Satollare and highlights the other pizzerias in the area.
The entire menu, including new products, have included the “thin crust”, which corresponds to 30% market share in Japan, Europe 17% and 11% of the United States, which opens doors to morecustomers.
Regarding the form of sale, as well as expanding delivery, customers can through the website or in the restaurant, to score on a card provided up to 5 items to create your own pizza.
Bringing the Brazilian style of eat pizza in a restaurant, the Satollare also offers the option of “rotation” (rodizio), in which the customer pays a fixed amount, and can eat whatever you want.
The form ofservice is then summarized in tables or care in home delivery, in pieces, whole pizzas or the system of rotation of flavors. This service options meets the needs of the population of the area.

Costs and return of investment to delivery expand
For the form of sales delivery will require the expenditure of $ 10,000 to purchase two scooters.
Currently yearly sales are $624,000 with total expenses of$561,600. With the two new delivery scooters, they estimate that sales for the next year will climb by 10% and expenses will increase by 2%. Therefore, the return of investment on the delivery scooters will be calculated in the following way:
Expressed %:
Current sales = $624,000 > 10%