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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 JavaScript Development Cheat Sheet
Xrm.Page.context Methods
getAuthenticationHeader getCurrentTheme getOrgLcid getOrgUniqueName getQueryStringParameters getServerUrl getClientUrl getUserId getUserLcid getUserRoles isOutlookClient isOutlookOnline prependOrgName Method addOnChange fireOnChange getAttributeType getFormat getInitialValue getIsDirty getMax getMaxLengthgetMin getName getOption getOptions getParent getPrecision getRequiredLevel getSelectedOption getSubmitMode getText getUserPrivilege getValue removeOnChange setRequiredLevel setSubmitMode setValue Deprecated. Returns the encoded SOAP header for MSCRM 4.0 style Web service calls Returns the current user’s Outlook theme Returns the LCID value for the base language of the organization Returns theunique organizations name Returns an array of key-value pairs representing the query strings Deprecated. Returns the base server URL Returns the base URL used to access the application (UR12+) Returns the current user’s SystemUser id Returns the LCID value representing the user’s preferred language Returns an array of GUID values of the security roles the user is associated with Returns a Boolean valueindicating if it is Outlook client Returns a Boolean value indicating if the user is connected to the server while using MSCRM for Outlook with Offline Access Prepends the organization name to the specified path Description Sets a function to be called when the value is changed Causes the OnChange event to occur on the attribute Returns the type of attribute (string) Returns formatting optionsfor the attribute (string) Returns the initial value for Boolean or optionset attributes Returns a Boolean value indicating if there are unsaved changes to the attribute value. Returns the maximum allowed value for an attribute (number) Returns the maximum length of an attribute (number) Returns the minimum allowed value for an attribute (number) Returns the logical name of the attribute Returns anoption object by matching its name Returns an array of options for an optionset attribute Returns the parent object to the attribute Returns the number of digits allowed after the decimal point Returns a string indicating whether the attribute is required or recommended Returns the option selected in an optionset attribute. Returns a string indicating if the attribute will be submitted when therecord is saved Returns the selected option for an optionset attribute Returns an array of Boolean values indicating if the user can create/read/update an attribute's values Retrieves the data value for an attribute Removes a function from the OnChange event handler Sets whether the attribute is required or recommended Sets whether the attribute’s data will be submitted Sets the data value for anattribute.

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Xrm.Page.ui.controls Collection Methods
forEach get Applies the action contained within a delegate function Returns one or more controls Argument Return Value Type None All the controls Array String The control that matches the name Object getLength Returns the number of controls in the collection. Description Adds a new view for the lookupdialog Adds an option to an Option set control Clears all options for an Option Set control Returns the attribute that the control is bound to Returns a value that categorizes controls Returns the data query string parameter passed to a Silverlight Web resource Returns the ID value of the default lookup dialog view Returns a value indicating whether the control is disabled Returns the label forthe control Returns the name assigned to the control. Returns a reference to the section object that contains the control. Returns the current URL being displayed in an IFRAME. Returns the default Url of an Iframe control Returns the object in the form representing an IFrame or Web resource Returns true if the control is visible, or false Refreshes the data displayed in a Sub-Grid Removes an...
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