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This distribution is based on the standard VNC source with modifications
introduced in TightVNC 1.2.3, and includes new VNC-specific features and fixes,
such asPDC authentication scheme, communication between server and client
modules protected by SSL cryptography, silent installation option, choice of
remote control options, client multithreadedexecution capability and more.

This is the original text found in TightVNC 1.2.3 distribution. This file can be
downloaded from

TightVNC 1.2.3 Source Distribution forWindows platforms

This distribution is based on the standard VNC source with
modifications introduced in TridiaVNC 1.4.0, and includes newTightVNC-specific features and fixes, such as additional low-bandwidth
optimizations ("Tight" encoding with optional JPEG compression, "local
cursor" feature), improved WinVNC advanced settings, andmore.

Below is the original text found in the TridiaVNC distribution.

TridiaVNC 1.4.0 Source Distribution for Windows platforms
=========================================================TridiaVNC is Copyright (C) 2000 Tridia Corp. All rights reserved.
VNC is Copyright AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. This software is
distributed under the GNU General Public Licence as published by theFree
Software Foundation. See the file LICENCE.TXT for the conditions under
which this software is made available. VNC also contains code from other
sources. See the Acknowledgements sectionbelow, and the individual files
for details of the conditions under which they are made available.

There are two programs here in the two subdirectories:

vncviewer - this is the VNC viewer, orclient, program for Win32.

winvnc - this is the VNC server for Win32. It allows an NT desktop
to be accessed remotely using a VNC viewer.

These were both built using Microsoft Visual...