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P /N 20110107-1

M enu

GSM signal

Note: 9876 is system
password, as per the
revised system
password when you

LCD displayi s enabled GSM function

LCD display

is disabled GSM function, only use telephone line
connect CMS and call voice numbers.

GSM priority
Tel.line priority
LCD display
i s GSM priority,telephone line backup, if enabled this
function, when trigger alarm, it will send alarm information to CMS via GSM in
priority. And send SMS to all voice numbers, including alarm information. If youwant to send arm/disarm text message to user, must set arm/disarm information to
CMS, the setting is: press* last for 3s->9876# ->4# ->9# ->2#. If SIM card charges
owed or signal interference, itwill send alarm information to CMS and call voice
numbers via telephone line automatically.
LCD display
is telephone line priority, GSM backup, if alarm occurs,
it will send alarm information toCMS and call voice numbers via telephone line in
priority, if telephone line faulty or was cut, auto turn to GSM.


Set “ 03000000# ” system default no remind. The setting is“ 03+year+month+date+# ” , each is 2 bit. When set SIM card successfully, It gives remind during 08 00---21
00 each day on the 10days before or after the preset date .. This function is to remind
the user check SIMcharge, in order to make sure GSM can work normally. For example:
set 2010-12-12 as expiration date, setting as below:

LCD disply :


Note: 30 is signal strength, the Max. 31, only ifthe signal strength above 16, then it can send
alarm information to CMS steadily via GSM.

1.5.1 GSM alarm receiving
W hen alarm occurs, GSM will call the preset voice number, it will voice
prompt“ system is alarm, please process the alarm, press 1 to cancel the alarm,
press 2 to check alarm zone, press 3 to activate the hoot, press 4 to disabled the
hoot, press 5 to disarm, press 6 to...