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DeZhi Mainframe User Support Site

DeZhi Mainframe User Support Site
Dear ADELCIO, Your newly applied TSO userid ADELCIO has been created in DeZhi mainframe system,with the initial password of

You need to use this password to logon to TSO, and change the password at your first logon to TSO. Please refer following table fordetailed access information.

Access Information
Host Name TN3270 Telnet Port Your TSO User ID Your Inital Password Your Higher Level Qualifier Your UNIX System Service home Youraccount number Your logon procedure Your Datasets Your Job Card 23 ADELCIO CU0OCBVY ADELCIO.** /u/adelcio 123456768 SYSUSER ADELCIO.JCL.CNTL The TN3270 telnet hostnameUse this port to logon to TSO Use this userid to logon to TSO You have to change it at first logon You own these datasets Use 'TSO OMVS' to go to UNIX System Service Used in yourjob Used in your TSO logon. Your JCL library.

Your ISPF profile. ADELCIO.ISPF.ISPPROF ADELCIO.JCL.CNTL(JOBCARD) Use this job card in this system.

You need to use 3270 telnetemulation software to logon the mainframe system, such as IBM Personal Communication software. Enjoy your exploitation of the DeZhi Mainframe system! Here are some useful links for yourfuture reference:

Cannot remember your password? Reset your password Your userid is locked (already logon) in TSO? Logoff your userid Cannot remember your userid? Find your useridDon't like your userid? Delete your userid These page has also been sent to your email address to remind you these information. Click here back to main page. Please report anyquestions to Dezhi Systems Support Forum…/mainuser



DeZhi Mainframe User Support Site…/mainuser


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