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May 2003 May 2003

SPARTAN* EP gear oils are Premium MultiPurpose industrial lubricants that are carefully formulated to work in a wide range of applications in industrial gear types including spur, helical, double helical (herring-bone), spiral bevel and worm gears. They offer the followingbenefits and features: ♦ Spartan EP 68 to 680 meets the performance requirements of AGMA 9005, Cincinnati Machine and USS 224 test specs Excellent demulsibility High temperature oxidation stability, and resistant to sludge formation Spartan EP 68 approved for use in the Sunds defibrator Eleven grades are available, from ISO 32 to ISO 3200 including SPARTAN EP ALL SEASON, which is an ISO 150 gradeformulated for outdoor use.

Primary Applications
SPARTAN EP gear oils are suitable for heavily loaded gear sets and gears that are subject to shock loading. All grades meet the European FZG load limit of 13 stages pass and can be safely used in most imported equipment. Check manufacturers' recommendations at all times, and consult Esso Technical Services when in doubt. Today's SPARTAN EP linepossesses outstanding Timken EP values. All grades have a minimum of 60 lb. (27kg) OK limit, thereby meeting AGMA 9005 and US Steel 224 requirements. SPARTAN EP oils are also suitable for use in both plain and anti-friction bearings and in circulating lubrication systems. SPARTAN EP gears oils are also suitable for spray or mist lubrication systems where leadcompounded lubricants should not berecommended. However, where stray mist must be minimized, special mist oils should be considered such as ENMIST and Mobil Mist oils. SPARTAN EP ALL SEASON oil is formulated for use indoors or outdoors over a wide range of temperatures. Due to its high viscosity index, it is ideally suited for year-round applications.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Performance Features
Extreme Pressure Properties A leading edgetechnology sulphur/phosphorus additive package provides outstanding protection to gears when shock loading causes the oil film between mating gears to temporarily
*Trademarks of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, Licensee. Lubricants and Specialties, Marketing Technical Services ™Trademark of Exxon Corporation. Imperial Oil, Licensee. Helplines: 1-800-268-3183

become insufficient for full fluid filmlubrication. Extreme pressure additives react at high temperatures with the gear tooth surfaces, to form a low shear metal compound, thereby preventing serious damage to the gears such as local "welding" and subsequent surface metal removal. Note that the extreme pressure additives only do their job under severe conditions such as shock loading, back lashing of gears and temporary overheating ofgear drives, leading to a loss in viscosity of the base oil. Normal running gears do not require this protection and high quality turbine type oil or anti-wear hydraulic oil will suffice. High Temperature Oxidation Stability SPARTAN EP oils display a remarkable resistance to sludge formation under high running temperature conditions (up to 95°C). The U.S. Steel 224 test is designed to rate gearoils by heating oil to 121°C for 312 hours with air bubbling through the oil. A viscosity increase of greater than 6% is considered a failure; SPARTAN EP oils exhibit very little viscosity change with corresponding low increases in TAN (total acid number). What this means is that today's high power density gear drives that generally run at higher bulk oil temperatures than in the past, are betterprotected against sludge and oxidation build-up which may interfere with proper lubrication on gears as well as the cleanup. It also means an increase in oil life at higher operating temperatures. Note that bulk oil temperatures should be kept below 95°C for optimum oil life. SPARTAN EP oil is not recommended for worm gears operating above 85°C. Excellent Demulsibility The presence of water in gear...
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