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  • Publicado : 13 de junho de 2012
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Listening, Listening, and Listening. What a hard task. According to the online English dictionary Longman, the meaning of the word “listen” is described as the ability of paying attention to whatsomeone is saying or to a sound that you can Hear (Longman, 2011). It's very interesting how the definition describes the word because listening is not just the sound come through the ears, but to payaction to that sound. However, listening without paying attention it is not listening.
Listening is as important as speaking in a conversation. Obviously, almost everything in this world is relativethat would not be different. There are times and times, sometimes one just needs to vent, so the part that will be hearing will be much more important than the part that is speaking, if the player isthe caller, because if the player is speaking the dialogue is more important. Sometimes one needs help or information from someone able to do so. At that time listening is as important as speaking.When someone is venting, the speaker is in a desperate situation and one of the ways that that person has to relieve that tension is through speaking about it, so the role of listener is a passiverole. The most important action is listen to the speaker and be an aid and comfort target, but passively. The speaker will talk until he feels relieved and a good interlocutor will listen patiently, butalways paying attention a lot to the subject because his help may be valid after the end of the talk. A very important interlocutor's role is to demonstrate very interested by the issue, because thattransmits confidence and comfort to the speaker. Therefore, when someone is venting, listening and speaking are two extremely important things depending on the analyzer’s focus.
In a conversationspeaking and listening are important. According to the Online English dictionary Longman, the word “conversation” means an informal talk which people exchange news, feelings, and thoughts (Longman,...