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Read the following text carefully.

“The minute I saw her”, says R&B Singer Jay-Z, “ I knew she was a star”. Jay-Z is talking about Rihanna, the 19-year-old Singer from the Caribbean. Everyoneis calling her “the new Beyoncé”.

We interviewed the young singer who, Just few years ago, was sitting in school dreaming about being a pop star.

Rihanna, your life has changed very fast,hasn’t it?
Yes, I can’t believe it. One year I was Just a ordinary high school student at home, in Barbados. The next year I’m living in the US , I have a CD and I’m touring all the big cities.Where did you learn to sing?
In the shower at home... and in the bedroom! I used a broom as a microphone... Of course the neighbours knew when I was home... They complained to my mum aboutthe noise! I liked singing so much that I formed a musical trio with two classmates when I was at high school in Barbados.

Music of the Sun, your debut album, reached the top 10 in both the Usand canadian charts. When was it released?
It was released in August 2005. I co-write it with Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers.

Tell us about your typical week.
Well... when I’m not traveling Ilive here in US, in Connecticut. I study about 15 hours a week with my tutor. You see, I’m going to do my high school exams soon. But I also have singing lessons and I spend a lot of hours with mydance teacher every day.

Do you do anything special before a performance?
Hmm... No, not really. I Just drink water and honey for my voice.

What about your free time?
Well... right nowI’m reading the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but I don’t get much free time. I don’t even have time for boys! However, I do sports whenever I can. I like playing basketball and volleyball withmy friends very much.
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1. How old is Rihanna?
2. Where is she from?...