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book 5 lesson 30
do you know any twins? what is an interesting story you have heard about twins? if you were a twin, what is something you might do, just for fun ?
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book 5 lesson 29
Wizard TV

Wizard TV is the largest corporate TV channel in Latin America. It is the first digital TV station in the historyof Brazilian franchising, It fulfills several functions. Its primary purpose is to unite a network of over 1,200 Wizard schools in Brazil, Japan, The United States and Europe. It is broadcasted through satellite in Brazil and through internet in other countries. Wizard TV presents live coverage of wizard events, celebrations and training sessions. Students enjoy quality educational programming viaWizard TV, giving an added dimension to their learning process. According to the president of the Wizard schools “soon it will be possible to access this television station in any home in the country.”
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book 5 lesson 28
you have had a long, hard day at work. it's late at night and you have finally fallen asleep.suddenly the phone rings and you receive an anonymous call. you are told that there is a package for you in front of your house. then the caller hangs up. what would you expect to see in the package?
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book 5 lesson 27

arizona is a beautiful state with very beautiful cities. the city of phoenix is the capitalof the state an just to the north of phoenix is the city of flagstaff. phoenix is know for its warm weather and many golf courses. the city has many attractions like ballet performances, museum visits, rock climbing, hot-air ballooning, desert jeep tours. flagstaff on the other hand is a completely different city. situated in a very mountainous region, flagstaff has great skiing resorts andbeautiful forests. arizona is the home to the garvin school of international management, thunderbird, ane of the most famous business school in the world. thunder has been praised as the number one MBA program in internationa management. it is also the home to the third natural wonder of the world, the grand canyon. all these things combined make arizona one of the most interesting states in america.Postado por souburroedai às 07:16 3 comentários
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book 5 lesson 26
have you ever had an experience at a barbershop or hairdresser's that upset you or made you angry? what happened?
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book 5 lesson 25
Body beauty X body health

What is more important – being physically attractive orhaving a healthy body? If you ask this question to young people at a shopping mall, you will have many different opinions. A good answer however, would be a happy medium between the two. It is important to take care of your physical appearance by dressing in a manner in which you feel good about yourself. Girls usually get manicures, pedicures, facials, wax, etc. Even boys today are following thistrend. Silicone, Botox and plastic surgery are becoming more and more popular. This is a personal decision as it deals with one’s self-esteem. Body health is also important to keep in mind. Maintaining a healthy weight contributes to both a healthy body and mind. It is possible to have both, just decide what is important to your happiness and self-esteem.
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book 5 lesson 24
you are the owner of a business and you need to hire a person to do the administrative work when you travel. what kind of personal would you hire, and why ?
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book 5 lesson 23

franchising is a great opportunity for individuals that are seeking to...