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  • Publicado : 23 de junho de 2012
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July 11, 2001

Dear YCTC Community Member:

First, please excuse the rather impersonal salutation of this letter. I thought it best to distribute this information to you as quickly as possibleand forgo the several days required to personalize and sort this many letters.

Recently the Maine Technical College Board of Trustees approved the enclosed resolution at their June meeting. The pressgave this resolution only cursory coverage and I want to make sure that every member of the college community has the opportunity to read the resolution and to understand what it means for YCTC.Moreover, as we complete our long-range planning process and move forward with our accreditation self-study no one should be taken by surprise because of this resolution.

Please take a moment to readthe resolution, which describes the “Core Services and Attributes of Maine’s Technical Colleges.” The same items enumerated in the resolution were circulated to the college community earlier thisspring and comment was invited at the last College Round Table of the year. While I am not so sure that the YCTC community endorsed these core services in “overwhelming” fashion as described in theresolution, no one has approached me with any negative comments regarding these core services and attributes. What is important is that these core services and attributes are quite congruent with thecollege’s statements of vision, philosophy, mission, and affirmative action provided on pages four and five of our catalog. In fact, they are quite representative of what came out of the Future Search process.From my perspective very little is changing in this regard.

The more apparent change, at least to me, is the move to be described as “A Comprehensive Two-Year College System”. Obviously, there issome difference between a technical college and a comprehensive two-year college system, in name only if nothing else. Can we be comprehensive in nature and retain our technical college aspects?...