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  • Publicado : 11 de julho de 2012
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Dear ancestry, 

I’m back to the future for fix the mistakes of the past.

The 50’s was marked by a breakthrough in technology and science such asthe launch of TV Tupi in Brazil and the launch of first satellite, Sputnik I and shortly after the Russians launched the first living beingin space,Laika

The 50's was marked by a breakthrough in technology and science such as the launch of TV Tupi in Brazil and the launch of first satellite,Sputnik I and shortly after the Russians launched the first living beingin space, Laika. There were also conflicts, the Korean War, Vietnam,and the Cold War,starting an arms race and leaving tension in the world with the possibility of an atomic explosion at any time by destroying theEarth. And rock music began with our beloved Beatlesand Elvis, thank you.

The war that happened in the past and continue now a days, because of the ambitious that are in theblood of men who need to conquer new territories in order to dominate the world.

Now a day the women are very independent of man, they did the feministmovement to protest the war in Vietnam that lasted almost a decade, killing innocent children. Another kind of protest war the hippie movement thatchanged the way we think of youth, which adopted the theme: sex, drugs and rock in roll.

During the Cold War the world was a tense moment because ofthe possibility of an atomic explosion at any time for one of the superpowers (U.S. and USSR), in order to prove superior, typically machism attitude.