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d Case Study Analysis
IDEO Product Development
Ana Rita Fernandes de Sousa, meg11031

d Case Study Analysis
IDEO Product Development
Ana Rita Fernandes deSousa, meg11031

1. IDEO’s process:
* All the projects development is focused with innovation and creativity using brainstorming as the main process to generate ideas(methodology core is brainstorming)
[“…the team would focus intensively for an entire day to generate a large number of creative concept…” (page5)];
* Simultaneously, the design process focus is theprototyping. [“If prototyping was central to IDEO’s design process, brainstorming was central to its methodology” (page 7)];
* All these processes are around the customer needs and satisfaction withseveral phases oriented to the process development.

IDEO’s organisation:
* Work is developed into small multidisciplinary groups with one single project by team (Matricial Structure) thatallows IDEO growth. [“Growing IDEO to 300 employees involved keeping each unit small.” (page5)];
* These small teams don’t have a defined hierarchy [“IDEO was a flat organization to anextreme.”(page6)];

IDEO’s culture:
* In the IDEO case its personality is defined as “comfortable with ambiguity and confusion…” (page6). Basically, its culture could be described as creative, innovative andfunny after all, with an extreme hierarchy absence;
* Failure is the key to learn more and more [“Failure,” Kelley felt, “is part of the culture. We call it enlightened trial and error.”(page4)];* There is also a careful recruitment [“Recruiting was a long process, entailing meeting with 10 staff members, often over lunch.”(page6)].

IDEO’s management: In terms of planning, IDEO followsseveral steps to understand the potential customers on a best possible way. Time is precious

2. In my opinion we have to lead with “risk taking”. Accept the Handspring Project is the same to...