How to become a tm

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How to become a TM

The mamer tournament chief is currently afw(*)(TM), the chief is
responsible for designating users to be mamer TMs. If you wish to
become a tournamentmanager, please apply by messaging the account
1) Your real name.
(2) Your age.
(3) Times when you typically login to the server.
(4) A brief statement of why you would like to be a TM anda brief description of how you believe how you are qualified for
this role.

Please note, being a TM is both an honor and a responsibility
to the chess server and to the team. The ideal TM isa mature and
friendly person. The ideal TM is one who participates in server help
(such as channel 1); in discussion channels (such as channel 2),
and who enjoys playing in tournaments. A TM isexpected to uphold
a higher standard of behavior than the average user, use proper
etiquette, diplomacy, and is objective when discussing problems
with users in or out of the tournamentsetting. Lastly, the avail-
ability to run tournaments. The activity of TMs is routinely
reviewed, inactive tournament managers will lose their tournament
manager status.

With that perspective inmind, the following rough criteria are used
in judging user applications for becoming mamer TMs:

(1) Involvement on the server (such as playing regularly on the server).
(2) Involvement withtournaments (most new managers have played in at
least 100 tourneys, but it is possible to become a TM with less).
(3) The absence of abuse, both on server and in tourneys (a couple ofisolated and minor cases of abuse do not necessarily exclude
anyone, but a history of abuse is not acceptable).
(4) Your personal statement and the reasons why you want to be a
tournamentmanager in your application.
(5) Login times (times when there currently are few tourneys are
(6) Overall maturity of conduct and experience (age does not
contribute in...
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