First in space

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First in Space, First into the Mind
Article by Correspondent

Dallas Darling.

especially Russia, celebrated
achievement that occurred on
April 12, 1961. Yuri Gagarin
became the first known
human to enter outer space,
when his Vostok 1 spacecraft
orbited Earth. In one sense, it
reflected humanities longing
to manipulateand control the
explore the unknown world
and universe. In another way,
capsule, that survived the hostilities of time and space, mirrored conflicts takin g
place back on Earth between the United States and Soviet Union. Vostok 1 was
actually developed in a Cold War atmosphere of mistrust, aggressive
competition,and military superiority. At the same time, the Soviet Union kept
secret that it broke the official rules set by the Federation Aeronautics
International. Instead of landing with his capsule making the flight legitimate most certainly risking serious injury or death-Gagarin ejected from his capsule
at 7km altitude and parachuted down. Still, Gagarin displayed tremendous
courage in becoming thefirst human cosmonaut to enter space and orbit Earth.
It was also a Cold War victory for Russia.
Meanwhile, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was implementing MKULTRA,
the codename for a research program that explored and controlled the mind of
humans. It was too initiated in a Cold War environment and for purpose of
fighting Russia. MKULTRA (MK), which some claim stood for ManufacturingKillers Utilizing Tradecraft Requiring Assassination, was a secret program
where subjects were injected with biological and chemical agents so as to
induce certain mental states. Supposedly, people would either willingly divulge
information or be completely controlled through their mental processes. The CIA
justified such torture, since it claimed it did not involve pain or duress. Yet,drugs were sometimes administered without the consent of subjects. Recent
declassified documents reveal that thousands of people in the U.S. and in
Guatemala and Iranian prisons were subjected to MK experiments. Covert
operations into the mind, which was in direct contravention to the Geneva
Conventions, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and the Nuremberg
Code of human experimentation,was justified in the name of national security.
(Recall that in 1953 and 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower authorized the CIA
to overthrow popular governments in Iran and Guatemala.)

It seems that modern humans are unable to live without insecurities and
illusions. Along with some of the greatest achievements, an irrational faith and
belief in technological and scientific progress has ledto some of the worst
crimes in human history. Throughout the twentieth century, more people have
been killed by war technologies and scientific developments than in any o ther
era. Morality has been undermined by truth serums, mind control
experimentations, and genetic manipulation (first into the mind). Ethics and
even life itself has been unable to keep pace with satellites, spaceships andweapons systems sent into outer space (first in space). When such knowledgeenabled mass destruction becomes one with militarism and war, societies
border on reconstructed worlds like that of Dr. Moreau's, Frankenstein's or Lord
of the Flies. Even worse, technological and scientific arro gance can stupefy
reason and subject enlightened thinking and rational thought to the tyranny of
technologyand its indoctrinating powers. Thus, unnatural environmental
catastrophes and bouts of enormous human suffering can easily occur,
manufactured by humanities desire to be triumphant and to dominate.
Jacques Monod, a French Nobel Prize winner, believed that some modern
societies had become dependent on science and technology as an addict on his
drugs. The year 1961 was the same year the CIA...