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Instructions for Authors of SBC Conferences Papers and Abstracts
Renato Carlos Maia1 ,

Instituto de Inform´ tica – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) a Caixa Postal 15.064 – 91.501-970 – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil

Department of Computer Science – University of Durham Durham, U.K.

Departamento de Sistemas e Computacao ¸˜ Universidade Regional de Blumenal (FURB) –Blumenau, SC – Brazil

Abstract. This meta-paper describes the style to be used in articles and short papers for SBC conferences. For papers in English, you should add just an abstract while for the papers in Portuguese, we also ask for an abstract in Portuguese (“resumo”). In both cases, abstracts should not have more than10 lines and must be in the first page of the paper. Resumo. Este meta-artigo descreve o estilo a ser usado na confeccao de artigos ¸˜ e resumos de artigos para publicacao nos anais das conferˆ ncias organizadas ¸˜ e ´ pela SBC. E solicitada a escrita de resumo e abstract apenas para os artigos escritos em portuguˆ s. Artigos em inglˆ s dever˜ o apresentar apenas abstract. e e a Nos dois casos, oautor deve tomar cuidado para que o resumo (e o abstract) n˜ o ultrapassem 10 linhas cada, sendo que ambos devem estar na primeira a p´ gina do artigo. a

1. General Information
All full papers and posters (short papers) submitted to some SBC conference, including any supporting documents, should be written in English or in Portuguese. The format paper should be A4 with single column, 3.5 cm forupper margin, 2.5 cm for bottom margin and 3.0 cm for lateral margins, without headers or footers. The main font must be Times, 12 point nominal size, with 6 points of space before each paragraph. Page numbers must be suppressed. Full papers must respect the page limits defined by the conference. Conferences that publish just abstracts ask for one-page texts.

2. First Page
The first page mustdisplay the paper title, the name and address of the authors, the abstract in English and “resumo” in Portuguese (“resumos” are required only for papers written in Portuguese). The title must be centered over the whole page, in 16 point boldface font and with 12 points of space before itself. Author names must be centered in 12 point font, bold, all of them disposed in the same line, separated bycommas and with 12 points of

space after the title. Addresses must be centered in 12 point font, also with 12 points of space after the authors’ names. E-mail addresses should be written using font Courier New, 10 point nominal size, with 6 points of space before and 6 points of space after. The abstract and “resumo” (if is the case) must be in 12 point Times font, indented 0.8cm on both sides.The word Abstract and Resumo, should be written in boldface and must precede the text.

3. CD-ROMs and Printed Proceedings
In some conferences, the papers are published on CD-ROM while only the abstract is published in the printed Proceedings. In this case, authors are invited to prepare two final versions of the paper. One, complete, to be published on the CD and the other, containing only thefirst page, with abstract and “resumo” (for papers in Portuguese).

4. Sections and Paragraphs
Section titles must be in boldface, 13pt, flush left. There should be an extra 12 pt of space before each title. Section numbering is optional. The first paragraph of each section should not be indented, while the first lines of subsequent paragraphs should be indented by 1.27 cm. 4.1. Subsections Thesubsection titles must be in boldface, 12pt, flush left.

5. Figures and Captions
Figure and table captions should be centered if less than one line (Figure 1), otherwise justified and indented by 0.8cm on both margins, as shown in Figure 2. The caption font must be Helvetica, 10 point, boldface, with 6 points of space before and after each caption.

Figure 1. A typical figure

In tables, try...
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