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  • Publicado : 4 de maio de 2012
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How To Remove Virus Copy of Shortcut + Recycler (Ramnit)
by Kang Asep on 28.02.11
This time I will explain how to remove viruses copy of the shortcut + Recycler (ramnit). Ramnit virus is a stubbornvirus, similar sality! Where the virus can multiply rapidly if the internet connected. Ramnit virus is a bit tedious, but quiet! There is a solution! Relax, hehe, curious! Want?
How To Remove VirusCopy of Shortcut + recycler (Ramnit):
Download Dr.Web LiveCD ISO file first, klo not have please download HERE
After the software is successfully downloaded Dr.Web LiveCD, burn into CD / DVD.
Connectthe USB flash and external HDD to the computer.
Booting the computer through a CD / DVD ROM.
Then the screen will display “Welcome to Dr.Web LiveCD”.
Select “Dr.Web LiveCD (Default)” and then press the“Enter” on your keyboard.
Wait a few moments to appear Dr.Web LiveCD interface that will display the application “Dr.Web Scanner” automatically. Dr.Web Scanner is working to examine your computer fromviruses.
To scan the HDD, the screen “Dr.Web Scanner” select a location that will drive in check and make sure you check list option “Scan subdirectories” for Dr.Web can conduct examination on thedirectories and subdirectories for optimal cleaning. If the screen does not appear Dr.Web Scanner double-click the icon “Dr.Web Scanner” contained on the Desktop.
Then click the [Start] to begin theprocess of examination (scan).
Wait a while until the scan is completed. If you find any viruses, Dr.Web will inform the infected file and the type of virus that infects the virus information is availablecolumn.
Click the [Select All] to select all the objects / files to be in the clear or you can specify which files would you clean it with a check list on the options available.
then click the [Cure]to clean up files that have been infected with the virus.
Wait until the cleaning process is completed.
Scan the computer to ensure clean your computer from viruses.
Restart the computer.
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