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Mage Primer
Rebirth of Apocalypse
By: Booger

I. Becoming a Mage
II. I’m an Apprentice, now what??
III. Mage Special Commands
IV. Rune Spells
V. Enchanting Armorand Weapons
VI. True Magik
VII. Hand writing spells
VIII. Types of Spells
IX. Spell Formats
X. Targets
XI. Variables
XII. Affects
XIII. Messages
XIV. Damage SpellsXV. Movement Spells
XVI. Affect Spells
XVII. Creation Spells
XVIII. Power
XIX. Beyond a mere Mage

I. Becoming a Mage
There are two basic steps in every mages career:Apprentice and Mage. To become a mage you must first find a Mage that has the ability to create apprentices. This ability can only be granted to the Mage by his Archmage (leader of a Mage clan).Finding an Archmage or a Paragon/Deputy is your best bet. You do have the option of becoming an apprentice through the auto-class command, but without a clan, you will not be able to advance to fullmage status.

II. I’m an Apprentice, now what??

There are many things that you need to complete during this phase of your mage career, it can seem overwhelming, but will the time willfly by if you keep at it.

A. You must spell-bot all your colors (type exp or lvl to see current levels) to 240 Immediately!

1. Setting up a spell-bot. Spell-botting is one of thevery few legal bots on RoA, please take full advantage of this. I recommend this set up. Use 5 different social commands (for a list of socials type social). Choose one of them and make it yourstarting point. When you do that social a message appears on the mud, put that in the line that will activate the trigger. Have it cast 5-10 of the fastest spell of one color (c create water foryellow). I like to do 5 then have it do level then 5 more and who. After the 10th spell have it do the next social that you chose, and repeat so that it does a loop through all 5 socials/spell colors....