Employment work

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Employment / Work Vocabulary

Assessment Evaluation of one's abilities Apply Submit an application for a job or position Background Education - qualifications -experience Bonus Additional payment to an employee as an incentive or reward Curriculum Vitae Summary of one's education and experience to date Dismiss Dischargefrom employment; (to fire, to sack, to let go) Employee Person who works for a firm or company Employer Person or firm who employs people Fringe benefits Advantagesoffered in addition to salary (life insurance, retirement scheme, company car, etc.). Interview Oral examination of an applicant for employment Make redundantDismiss for economic reasons Maternity leave Period of absence for a female employee when having a baby Notice Advance warning of intention to leave one's job PersonnelPeople who work for a firm or company (employees, staff) Personnel officer Manager responsible for recruitment, training and welfare of personnel PromotionAdvancement in rank or position in the company Prospects Opportunities for success or promotion in a career Recruit Look for and hire personnel Resign Leave a jobvoluntarily Retire Leave employment because of age Sick leave Absence because of illness - to be on sick leave Strike To go on strike: to stop working in protest againstsomething Take on Employ or hire Trainee Person being trained for a job e.g. a trainee salesman Training course A course of study to prepare for a job e.g. a computercourse Unemployment benefits Payments made by the state to an unemployed person Vacancy A position to be filled

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