Operations manager

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Operations Manager Job Description

A. Operations manager is responsible for a staff of 90-120 personnel including mechanics, detailers and all chauffeurs. This includes keeping staffing at proper levels (between 1.5 and 2 Chauffeurs per vehicle), including interviewing and new hire paperwork, and maintaining professionally trained Chauffeurs, mechanics and detailers. TheOperations Manager will be responsible for the new Chauffeur training in the absence of the Vice President of Operations and is responsible for ongoing training classes.

B. The operations manager reports directly to the Vice President of Operations or the General Manager in the Vice President’s absence.

C. Excellent communication skills are mandatory with the General Manager, the V.P. ofOperations, V.P. of Business Development, the customer service manager, head and lead chauffeurs, mechanics, detailer, and chauffeurs. Communication is a must and can not be violated in any way, shape or form. Communication plays a very high role in this position.

D. In the absence of the V.P. of Business Development, the operations manager is responsible for the monitoring of productivity inthe sales department and for quote approvals. Critique and govern incoming contracts from sales. The Operations Manager must be able to use the reservation system to make reservations, and have a strong knowledge of the sales techniques.

E. Daily scheduling and dispatching (in the absence of an assistant) of the chauffeurs and maintaining a list of on call and "ready" chauffeurs is mandatory 24hours a day/7 days a week. In the event of slow days, post chauffeurs at high volume points of interest to increase business.

F. It is the responsibility of the Operations Manger to ensure that Chauffeurs receive training for their class B license within 60 days of employment and get checked out in large and specialty vehicles to ensure that all limousines are driven by qualified Chauffeurs.Monitor the DMV pull program.

G. Report daily in writing to the Vice President of Operations and the General Manager on all activity for the day. All unusual activity must be noted in the Operations daily activity book and bible. Complete the employee activity report when applicable.

H. Monitoring all detail supplies, mechanics parts, roses, champagne and cider, balloons etc. will beOperation’s responsibility. Having a firm knowledge of the products, the amount to keep in stock and confirming and signing of purchase orders. Occasionally price shopping/vendor shopping to measure cost effectiveness and quality in products and services extended to LeGrande Affaire.

I. Complete knowledge and enforcement (including write-ups) of all company policies and procedures is requiredand mandatory dictation of, adherence to and following of each procedure is required. It is a must that the operations manager needs to be aware that what you are preaching must be practiced.

J. A clear knowledge of the entire bay area including roadways, restaurants, night clubs and special attractions is a must.
K. Familiarity of the entire fleet with a thorough knowledge of all functions ofall vehicles is a must. Also knowledge of different coachbuilders is necessary.

L. Re-enforcing and maintaining the upkeep and the use of the voice mail and chauffeurs mailboxes is mandatory. Communicating in writing must be utilized whenever possible.

M. Scheduling maximum hours in every limousine for present and future reservations will be required to achieve the maximum amount ofrevenue for the company, always ensuring the compressing of runs on busy days and 30 days out upgrading vehicles when appropriate . Updating the computer and the hit list in the sales office as to these changes is mandatory.

N. Ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the entire facility, including the stock room.

O. Monitor runs throughout the day when chauffeurs are on the road in the...