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17.2.1999/H. V¨liaho a

Pronunciation of mathematical expressions
The pronunciations of the most common mathematical expressions are given in the listbelow. In general, the shortest versions are preferred (unless greater precision is necessary). 1. Logic ∃ there exists for all p implies q / if p, then q p ifand only if q /p is equivalent to q / p and q are equivalent



2. Sets x∈A x∈A / A⊂B A∩B A\B x belongs to A / x is an element (or a member)of A x does not belong to A / x is not an element (or a member) of A A is contained in B / A is a subset of B A contains B / B is a subset of A A cap B / Ameet B / A intersection B A cup B / A join B / A union B A minus B / the difference between A and B A cross B / the cartesian product of A and B


3. Real numbers x+1 x−1 xy x±1 (x − y)(x + y) x y = x=5 x=5 x plus one x minus one x plus or minus one xy / x multiplied by y x minus y, x plus y x overy the equals sign x equals 5 / x is equal to 5 x (is) not equal to 5 1



x is equivalent to (or identical with) y x is not equivalent to (oridentical with) y x is greater than y x is greater than or equal to y x is less than y x is less than or equal to y zero is less than x is less than 1 zero isless than or equal to x is less than or equal to 1 mod x / modulus x x squared / x (raised) to the power 2 x cubed x to the fourth / x to the power four x tothe nth / x to the power n x to the (power) minus n (square) root x / the square root of x cube root (of) x fourth root (of) x nth root (of) x

x>y x≥y x
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